Lightworks Activation Troubleshooting

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When I attempt to activate Lightworks I receive a “Requested project does not exist” error message.
What do I need to do?

This error message means the version of Lightworks you are attempting to activate is out of date. You will need to download and install the latest version of Lightworks (2021.2 or higher) from here: You will then be able to activate Lightworks successfully.

I enter my username and password at the ‘welcome' screen Lightworks says "Unknown username/password - please try again"

To confirm that your username and password are correct:

Sign out of
Write your username and password in a text document.
Sign in to again, copying and pasting the details from the text document.
Once you've confirmed that they work, copy and paste them into the application.
Note that both username and password are case-sensitive and be careful to avoid unwanted spaces.

If you need to be reminded of your username:

If you need to reset your password:

I can sign in to, but the software still says "Unknown username/password - please try again"

Double-check the credentials using the method above. The password field should accept all characters, however there may be exceptions - try resetting the password:

I have confirmed that the sign in details are correct, but Lightworks says "Cannot connect to licensing server". It offers me 'offline activation' only.

Connection issues are caused by a break in the communication between your computer and the licensing server. This break can be caused by a variety of things, including your router, firewall, anti-virus, local network and internet service provider.

Test your connection to the activation server - see the following entry:
'How to test your connection to the activation server'.

How to test your connection to the activation server

In your web browser visit

This test page will confirm whether or not your computer is allowed to communicate with the licensing server, connecting through port TCP/443.

Possible results:

1. I see a message similar to "404 - Server not found".
We work hard to ensure that the licensing server is always accessible. If the server cannot be found it's likely that the problem is ‘local' (specific to your computer/network/internet service).

Check your internet connection. If the connection is working but the test page is not found, there might be a problem with your DNS service, or your computer might be connecting to the internet via a Proxy server (which in turn might have DNS problems or restrictions).


- Flush your local DNS

- Change your DNS server
Try setting your modem/router to use an alternative DNS service, such as Google DNS or OpenDNS:

- OS specific instructions
Linux (Ubuntu)
Mac OS X

2. I see a message similar to "You can't access this page, contact network administrator".

This indicates that a local firewall restriction is stopping access to on TCP port 443

Your firewall might be managed by your operating system or by your AntiVirus software. Please refer to the appropriate documentation.

OS specific instructions
Windows 7
Windows 8
Mac OS X

3. The test page won't load or is timing out:

Set your web browser to visit

A. If is also timing out your IP address may have been blocked by our firewall, you can confirm this by checking from another IP (either another computer or via a proxy).

To resolve the problem contact us at quoting your IP address which can be checked at:

B. If works but does not - this suggests that local firewall rules for port TCP/443 are incorrect (see setting your firewall rules above), OR the activation server is blocked by your ISP or Proxy Server - contact your network administrator.

4. The test page confirms that I can connect, but the software still won't activate:

Please zip up the Lightworks log files from:

- Windows: C:UsersPublicDocumentsLightworksLogs
- Linux and Mac OS X: ~/Lightworks/Logs

Send the zipped files to with your username

Offline activation procedure

Watch the Video Tutorial

Instructions can also be found on page 10 of the Installation and activation guide.

1. Start Lightworks, enter your Username and Password and click Continue. NOTE: Make sure these credentials are exactly the same as on
If the internet is not detected a panel will display asking you to start the offline procedure, click OK
The shark.c2e file is then generated here:

- Windows: C:UsersPublicDocumentsLightworks
- Linux and Mac OS X: ~/Lightworks
Copy shark.c2e to a removable drive and take it to a system with an internet connection

2. Upload the shark.c2e file to

- Go to this page: (you will need to be signed in to access this location)
- Under "Your Machines" you will see the "Add a machine" option, click the "Browse" button Browse to and select the shark.c2e file
- Click the "Upload C2E file" button
- Your new system will then appear at the top of the list with an orange border.
- A Free license is applied to the system automatically.
- If you have a Pro and/or AVID DNxHD license, drag and drop to the system.
- Click the "Details" drop-down arrow to confirm your selection, then click "Download". A shark.e2c file will be generated.
- Take this file to the system you generated the shark.c2e from and copy it into:
- Windows: C:UsersPublicDocumentsLightworks
- Linux and Mac OS X: ~/Lightworks

3. Start Lightworks, enter your Username and Password and click Continue
NOTE: Make sure during all three steps the same account and password are used or the activation will not work.

I get an error message: "license expired"

If you are a Lightworks Free license user, make sure you are running the latest version (2021.x), available from the Downloads pages. If you have the latest version, but the issue still occurs, please Report a problem.

If you are a Lightworks Pro license owner, visit the Activations page and confirm that the license is date-valid. If the license is within date and should therefore activate, please Report a problem. If the license has expired, you can purchase a new one in the Shop.

I get an error message: "Invalid Response from ELS Server"

This may suggest that there's a technical issue on our side.
Please email the following file to and we will resolve:

- Windows: C:UsersPublicDocumentsLightworkslicense.dat
- Linux and Mac OS X: ~/Lightworks/license.dat

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