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July 19, 2021
5 of the Best Movie Montages (That Aren’t from Rocky)

Why We Montage Show, don't tell. It’s one of the oldest rules of narratological theory. What better serves the story? An exposition dump of dialog, or imparting information through action. To put it another way, Anton Chekhov is reputed to have said "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light […]

June 30, 2021
How to Smash These 6 Common Video Editing Issues

Whether you're using Lightworks Free Editor or you’re getting to grips with all the functionality in Lightworks Pro, we’re always happy to help with some top hacks to some of the most common video editing issues even the Hollywood pros need reminding about!   Before you start editing your footage, take a minute to think about what you want […]

April 14, 2021
The Top 5 Advanced YouTube Hacks to Increase Your Video’s Views

You did it! You created a video masterpiece. I know you’re not asking but I’ll say it anyway... Yes. Yes, it does deserve an Oscar. But maybe, if you have to settle, maybe you might be happy with a massive bunch of views on YouTube? It’s better than no one seeing it, right? I also […]

March 17, 2021
Our top 5 tips, hacks and best practices for when you edit your next video

So, you've written your script, set up your camera, your mic and you've successfully recorded your new video! Congrats!  Now it's time to edit, but becoming a great video editor isn't easy. Whether you're using Lightworks Free Editor or are getting to grips with all the functionality in Lightworks Pro, we've got your back! Here are a few top tips […]

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