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Best Christmas Movie Ever: Round 3. Action!

Welcome to round three of the Ultimate Christmas Movie List. LWKS is on a mission to find the Best Christmas Movie of all time and we want you to help us!

You've already had your say on Christmas Comedy and Romance Movies in rounds 1 and 2. We’ve had enough of the mushy stuff though. It’s time to kick some ass and hang some tinsel… and we’re all out of tinsel! 

Round 3 is the action round. Some people question how Christmas and action can go hand in hand? Well, putting Christmas at the core of your film often allows for a wonderful use of contrast and subversion in a way that no other time of year can. Plus action films often feature a lot of giving. 

The giving of bullets from a machine gun. (It still counts!)

Scroll through our shortlist of the best action Christmas films of all time, and let us know which one you think tops the list! Think we’ve missed something? Well, you can let us know that too!

Winners So Far:

Round 1: Comedy. Home Alone & Elf

Round 2: Romance. Love Actually & You've Got Mail

Batman Returns

Black Christmas


Die Hard


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

L.A. Confidential

Leathal Weapon

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Rocky 4

The Long Kiss Goodnight