The Ultimate Christmas Movie List: Comedy!

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The tree is going up, classic seasonal songs are on repeat, and Santa is checking his list twice. Like it or not, Christmas is coming! With it comes the time-honoured tradition of televisions across the globe being graced with each household’s favourite Christmas movie.

What actually is a Christmas movie?

But what actually is a Christmas movie? The term is often used as a catchall for any film set on or around Christmas. The side effect of this is that Christmas films can transcend genre. Whether it’s romance, comedy, animation, or even something traditionally less festive like action, every film genre has the ability to be a Christmas movie

But the question remains… What is the BEST Christmas movie? Here at LWKS, given that we live and breathe film and editing, we certainly have some strong opinions on the matter. But rather than having the LWKS HQ descend into an eggnog and mulled wine-fueled heated debate on the matter, we decide to instead turn to you, the good people of the Lightworks community, to settle the question once and for all!

Which film puts the tinsel in tinsel-town? Which film transcends the oft-maligned label of ‘Christmas movie’? Which film really jingles your Christmas bells?   

We’ve split the contenders — collated from ‘best of…’ lists from as many reputable sites and publications as we could find — into 5 categories:

  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Animation
  • Action
  • Classic

We want you to vote in each round for your personal favourite Christmas film. The top two from each round will move on to a 6th and final round; The Best of the Best! In this round, the final 10 will go head to head to finally crown one film The Official Best Christmas Film of all Time, Ever! 

As an added bonus, aside from getting to be a part of cinema history, you will get a very special present from Santa when you vote...

(Okay, I’m rubbish at keeping secrets. It’s a cracker of a discount code for Lightworks. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be editing your own Christmas classic!)

That’s enough preamble. We’re sure you’re ready for the main event, so let’s get voting! First out of the gate, we have the comedy round.

Voting has now closed on The Ultimate Christmas Comedy Movie and we can reveal the results:

Home Alone41%
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation11%
The Muppet Christmas Carol8%
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles5%
The Santa Clause4%
Trading Places4%
Bad Santa3%
Santa Claus: The Movie2.5%
Office Christmas Party1%

Home Alone absolutely stormed it! Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. 

The 1st place and 2nd place films, Home Alone and Elf, move on to compete in our final Best of the Best round.

Round 2 is Best Romantic Christmas Movie

  1. Bad Santa

2. Elf

3. Home Alone

4. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

5. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

6. Office Christmas Party

7. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

8. The Santa Clause

9. Santa Claus: The Movie

10. Scrooged

11. Trading Places (I know 11 is a bit of an odd number for a shortlist, but we couldn't leave any of these awesomely comedic Christmas movies off the nice list!

Merry Christmas, and happy voting!