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Demo Project

Get some real-life hands-on editing experience with this all-in-one Dialogue Editing tutorial.
Download Script & Materials

Get hands-on editing experience with this Dialogue Edit tutorial.

This 4-part tutorial project will introduce you to the basics of editing in Lightworks, including cutting in the timeline, moving clips, working with audio & exporting  work.

Click the download button for the project's script and video footage. Then simply watch the four tutorial episodes. Happy editing!
Important: These videos were created using the "Flexible" layout that existed in previous versions of the application, which is somewhat different to the default layout in the new version 14. In order to follow the videos closely, you can enable the "Flexible" layout by opening Lightworks to the project browser screen, clicking the cogs icon in the top right hand corner and changing the "Project layout" option from "Fixed" to "Flexible" This option can also be changed back should you need to.

Tutorial size is 400 MB and at 1/4 resolution to make downloading and getting started quicker and easier.

We would like to thank the late Robert Rif for providing the script and all the footage.

Hungry for more? Check out the LWKS YouTube channel for more videos.

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