Answers to common questions can be found here. If you'd like a detailed answer to a technical question, ask our fantastic community on the Forum.


I have spotted an error on the Lightworks website what should I do?

Please fill in the Report A Problem form - Please tell us the browser (and ideally browser-version) you are using.

I cannot sign in to the Lightworks site, what can I do?

Clear the web browser cookies and cache for, and try to sign in again. If that fails, please try again with a different web browser. If the issue persists, please use the Report A Problem form -

I can’t complete the registration form without browser errors, what can I do?

Make sure that JavaScript is enabled / no script-blockers are running. Clear the browser cache for (Windows: Ctrl + F5 | Mac: CMD + Shift + R). Repeat registration. If that fails, please try again with a different browser. If that fails, please use the Report A Problem form -

I am in China. Why can't I register?

Due to the 'great firewall', users in China will not be able to see the Google Recaptcha element. Try using a proxy server, or contact us to request manual account creation -

I have not received my confirmation email and cannot activate my account. What do I need to do?

It is possible that the email has been incorrectly tagged as Spam. Sign in to your webmail (rather than local email client) and search the Spam folder (all folders). If there's no sign of it, the confirmation email will be automatically re-sent after thirty minutes. If you still do not receive your confirmation email after this time, please contact us via the Report A Problem form -

How do I change the email address associated with my Lightworks account?

You can update your account email address in the Profile section of your User Account

How can I change my username?

Contact us and request via the Report A Problem form -

How can I change my password?

You can update your password in the Profile section of your User Account

I have forgotten my LWKS Username. How can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your Username from here: Enter your email address and your Username will be emailed to you.

I have forgotten my LWKS Password. How can I retrieve it?

You can reset your password by clicking the 'Forgotten Password' link  when accessing your User Account

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

How do I delete my LWKS account?

To delete your account please use the Report A Problem form -

Have you got any training videos for Lightworks NLE?

We have produced ten basic tutorial videos which can be accessed here: These videos are due to be updated soon, but they do still provide a good introduction.

Where are the user manuals?

All the Lightworks documentation can be downloaded from the Downloads page -

Where can I see and edit my Account details?

Sign in, click on your username and click on the 'Account Settings' tab at the top of the page.

Where can I see my Licenses and Activations?

You can see Licenses and Activations in the Licenses section of your User Account


I have a question. How do I get an answer?

First, search the forum - via the Search tab located at the top of the forum pages. If you cannot find a satisfactory answer, go to the most appropriate Forum Category, sign in and create a new post. Try to provide as much information as possible - such as your hardware setup and operating system, and the media you're working with. You can get in depth information about your media by using the 'MEDIAINFO' tool, available from Downloads > Tools.

The forum says ‘topic locked’, what’s going on?

Forum Moderators lock topics that have reached a state of resolution. Please create a new topic in the appropriate category.

How do I watch a particular category?

Sign in and visit the Category of interest. At the top and bottom of the page there is a 'Subscribe' button. Clicking on this will result in result in you receiving email notifications of any new topics in that category.


Where can I see my billing details and order history?

You can see your order history in the Billing section of your User Account

How do I use a Lightworks voucher code?

The instructions for using vouchers codes, including what to do if you experience a problem, can be found here:

How do I qualify for an Educational discount at the Lightworks shop?

Any users in education - Students, Tutors or Trainers - can apply for an EDU discount which offers 50% discount off standard prices. You can apply for an EDU discount by filling in the EDU Application Form available here: We evaluate all EDU applications, if approved you will receive a confirmation email and your user account will be upgraded to reflect the 50% discount.

All my credit cards are rejected at the web shop but I know the accounts are good, can I make a payment over the phone for the Lightworks Pro version/shop products?

Please contact us via the form provided here:

I’d like to know more about support contracts

Support contracts for Lightworks are available from the Lightworks Shop
The benefits of a Lightworks Support contract can be seen below:

- Email and Telephone support from one of our trained engineers
- Rapid response within a couple of hours of issuing the request
- Unlimited incident support
- Remote assistance, let one of our trained engineers resolve the issue remotely
- Software fixes specific to the individual
- Peace of mind, get the support you need quickly and efficiently

I am VAT registered, how do I upgrade my account for tax-free pricing?

You can apply for an EU B2B Application here:

I encountered a problem with checkout. What can I do?

Please contact us via the form provided here:


The forum keeps sending me email, how do I stop this?

Check your forum subscriptions by signing in and clicking on your name to visit your profile page. Your topics and subscriptions are listed there. Click on an entry to access it, then click the unsubscribe button located at the top and bottom of the page.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

We send two types of email: system (from the shop and forum) and marketing. You can only unsubscribe from system by deleting your account. You can unsubscribe from marketing by clicking the unsubscribe link included at the end of every email.

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