How to QC Video Clips & Sequences Directly In Your NLE

Manual video QC workflows are notorious time vacuums, even for the simplest checks. Whether you're a one person facility or enterprise-class broadcaster, see how QScan will automate your media quality and compliance in moments and save you ridiculous amounts of time, stress and money!

QScan Netflix
"The QScan team helped us to improve and automate our quality process extremely well. We're more efficient than ever before and have future-proofed our media QC workflows"
"We switched to QScan because the LWKS team had more passion and bigger plans for their Video QC Platform than other providers and their support is 100% top-of-market"
"Our video QC workflows are so much easier and faster now with QScan. We just tell it what to check and get a full report back automatically and immediately. It saves so much effort!"
Philip Schlict
Philip Schlicht
Post Supervisor | UFA
Zeb Chadfield
Zeb Chadfield
Founder | The Finish Line
Marco Fantino
Marco Fantino
Post Production | La Bottega
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Professional Automated Media QC
At Industry Disrupting Prices

Best for Video pros & post houses that create content for multiple platforms.


user / mo


user / year
Yearly: 2 Free Months
Unlimited User Access
Unlimited Custom Templates
Advanced  Templates
AV Measurements (no HDR)
Up to 4 concurrent files*
Project creation
Analyze from Network Shares
XML, HTML & PDF Reports
CSV export of all analysis data
API Access
Comparative Analysis
*Select the amount of files in the purchase process. Pricing is per concurrent file
Best for Broadcasters, Film Makers and Large Post Facilities who need unlimited QC.


user / mo


user / year
Yearly: 2 Free Months
Everything included in QScan Pro adding:
HDR Metadata Checks
Additional Templates for HDR
HDR Video measurements (MaxFALL, MaxCLL)
Unlimited number of concurrent files**
Macro Editing
Option of using expansion nodes***
** Select the amount of files in the purchase process. Pricing is per concurrent file. IMPORTANT: Not recommended to do more than 4 files per machine
*** Expansion nodes are needed for configurations higher than 4 files at a time
QScan AQC for Keeps!
The power of either QScan One, Pro or Max for professionals who need professional AQC in their daily workflows