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Jerry Maguire
Road to Perdition
Built for Editing
We're not colouring software with a bit of editing; we're not air-brushing software with a bit of video stuff.  Lightworks is for editing.
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You want your video on YouTube, click the YouTube logo, you want it cinema ready, click the cinema button. It's simple. It's pro.
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When every camera, every phone, and everybody can shoot video, there are no rules with file types... there are loads, and we love them all!
Notting HIll
The Departed
Con Air
Rome + Juliet
Good Will Hunting

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Lightworks Free
Best for newbies and anyone who needs to be able to easily cut & edit video clips together.


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Lightworks Pro
Best for YouTubers, gamers and anyone who wants to do more more than cut clips together.


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Lightworks for Life
Best for broadcasters and film makers or anyone who wants to be one. Hollywood-level editing.


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Too much awesomeness!!!!!! How do you guys do it?!?!
Michah Pendleton
Lightworks NLE is a masterpiece.
Majeed Khan
I love Lightworks, the best, the fastest, the best NLE in the market.
Works like a charm on Linux!
Margus Lillemägi
Best Video Editor ever! ?. Support is amazing.
Gracjan Deresz
I really love Lightworks. I compared it with other editors, but nothing comes close to the focus and lightness.
Alvin Generoso Motilla
video editing software
"I have an almost evangelical enthusiasm for Lightworks. I’ve edited with all the other systems, so I can say - from experience - that Lightworks is a far superior editing tool."
"I have tried the obvious alternatives to Lightworks and know all the disadvantages. I wouldn’t be interested in working on a film if they told me I could edit on Lightworks."
"Lightworks has always been an editing tool that happened to be a computer, and not a computer that’s an editor. You never have to worry about tech getting in the way of the creative."
Tariq Anwar
Tariq Anwar
The King's Speech | American Beauty
Jill Bilcock
Jill Bilcock
Road to Perdition | Moulin Rouge
Scott Hill
Scott Hill
Liar Liar | Bruce Almighty

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