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QScan 2021.3

The new installer is now available for download from the User Portal:

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New Features

Automatically create templates from known correct files

Creating templates is now simpler than ever. Avoid the legwork of manual configuration of format checks with this new time saving feature. In the template editor, select "from file" , select your file, and format check thresholds will be added automatically according to the default conditions for logging/warning/critical. From there, just add all the rest of your perceptual quality parameters.

Multiple selection of files for Quick analysis

Select as many files as you want to run the quick analysis saving unnecessary additional browsing through your folders.

Remove events from the timeline view

You can now remove events directly from the timeline view while you are in the review process through the timeline.

Restore removed events in the HTML report

Previously the user could view removed events but could not restore them - that facility has been added.

Individual permissions for Quick Analysis

You can now individually enable or disable access to Quick Analysis to any user with this new setting in the Users tab.

Setting added to enable/disable the reporting of events between blanks in multipart files

When "Use MXF Segments" is enabled, events happening in-between segments in multipart files are not reported.

Download reports in JSON format

This is especially useful when integrating QScan in third party systems.

HDR format checks

New thresholds can be created for Mastering Display Color Primaries and Mastering Display max and min luminance values.

Additional improvements

Adjusted default values when adding thresholds

Fixed problems with some missing events in the PDF report

Custom made and imported templates can now be deleted

Fixed Replace and Combine actions when adding templates to a Project or Template

Fixed a problem with files containing more than 16 audio channels. Files now do not show analysis error, but only the first 16 channels of audio will be analyzed.

The new installer is now available for download from the User Portal:

Go to the Download page