Getting Started With Lightworks

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Welcome to Lightworks! You’re the newest member in our growing community of more than 5.5 million editors, filmmakers and video pros who want to change the way people see the world... ?

lightworks Video Editing
Step 1: Download the right version for your computer
Lightworks for MAC
Lightworks for MAC
Lightworks for Windows
Lightworks for Windows
Lighrworks for Linux RPM
Lightworks for Linux RPM
Lightworks for Linux DEB
Lightworks for Linux DEB
Lightworks Log In

Step 2: Log into your Lightworks account

Once you have  downloaded the right version of Lightworks for your machine, you'll need to  copy your Subscription ID from the 'My Products' area of your account to activate everything, then you're good to start your edit!

f you don't know your username or password, don't worry; Just use youe email and hit 'forgotten password'.

Step 3: Claim your FREE cloud storage from pCloud

You will recieve anemail from us in the next few minutes with your exclusive voucher code. Once you have this:

1. Go to:

2. Sign up to redeem your offer

3. You are all set!

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