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The Future of QScan

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QScan is an industry-leading automated quality control platform for video of all levels. You don’t become industry-leading by taking your position for granted. We have been working hard with our customers to define the future of QScan, and now we are pleased to announce new features coming soon in QScan version 2022!

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, though. If you’re unfamiliar with QScan, here's an introduction to some of our top features!

If you are familiar with QScan and its incredible AQC features then read on to see what’s coming next.

Analyse Your Files up to Four Times Faster

QScan will split large files into sections that will be processed simultaneously using the new chunk based analysis. This will make the speed of analysis up to four times faster and use your CPU power more efficiently — especially in high-end machines with 32 cores or higher. 

Your Reports Your Way

PDF report generation is now faster and more flexible. Select what you want to see, save your configuration as a template, and use it in all your projects. Blocks can be added or removed, and you can customise the PDF report design and logo. The overall design has also been refreshed, making it easier to understand. 

QScan will generate reports in parallel, so the performance of the PDF generation has also improved. 

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

As our users know, QScan can detect many artefacts, format parameters, visual perceptual problems, audio errors, loudness, and so on! Despite this ever-growing list, there are editorial errors that are impossible for any QC software to detect. This is why many broadcasters and big brand streamers require an ‘eyeball report’ to be supplied along with the AQC report. 

QScan will offer the possibility of integrating both reports into one and adding custom-defined eyeball events using the QScan timeline. You will be able to select TCin and TCout, customise the message, and add the severity level. These events will automatically be added to both the timeline and the reports. 

Analyse IMF packages from Quick Analysis

To improve our IMF package, you will be able to trigger an IMP analysis by selecting the CPL. This will enable the analysing of IMPs from the main page using Quick Analysis. 

New Ready-Made Templates

We understand that anyone delivering to the big name delivery platforms needs a template that matches their requirements. With this in mind, Amazon Prime templates will be refreshed, and new templates for Disney+ and others will be added in the subsequent releases. Full details are coming soon.

Looking Ahead

One of the core fundamentals of QScan has always been a commitment to the iteration and improvement of its features. As this list hopefully shows, we’re working on moving forward and implementing the features our users want to see.

If you like the sound of what’s coming through the pipeline, then book a live demo with us using the form below. If that sounds too much right now, you can always check out a pre-recorded demo!

In-Edit QC Video Demo