How to Install and Uninstall Lightworks for Linux

Installing Lightworks for the first time:
1. Click on the Download DEB or Download RPM button
2. Opening .deb pop-up window will appear
3. Select Open with Software Install (default) and click OK to continue
4. Lightworks Installer pop-up window will appear
5. Click Install
6. Authentication Required - Enter your password and click Authenticate
7. Lightworks will start installing.

Now you are all set to start using Lightworks!

Installing the latest version of Lightworks:
Install the latest version of Lightworks into the same directory you installed the original version. By default, Lightworks is installed here: /User/USER ACCOUNT/Lightworks

Uninstalling Lightworks:

Using Ubuntu Software Center

1. Launch Ubuntu Software Center
2. Type Lightworks in the search box, then press the Enter button
3. Click on Lightworks
4. Click Remove
5. Authentication Required - Enter your password and click Authenticate.

Using the Apt-Get Command
1. Launch the Ubuntu Terminal application
2. Type the apt-get utility command with the "-remove" switch to uninstall Lightworks from your system. For example, typing "sudo apt-get -remove lightworks" (without the quotations)
3. Enter your root or administrative password
4. Press the Enter button
5. Authentication Required - Enter your password and click Authenticate.

Lightworks will no longer appear in your programs list.