Social Media Templates And Exports (Pro)

Social Media Custom Format Templates ‘Square’ and ‘Portrait’*

These great new pre-built custom aspect ratios make preparing your content for social media quick and easy and can be toggled by simply right-clicking a sequence and selecting the option from the "Playback format" list.

* This option is only available when exporting with an active Lightworks Pro license.



Uploading to Vimeo or YouTube 
You must have a connection to the internet and a valid user account for the video streaming service you want to upload to.

1. From the Format drop down list, select Vimeo or YouTube as required. Both are listed under ‘Web’.
2. Select the frame rate you require from the Frame rate drop down list.
3. Select the definition you require from the Size drop down list. (Lightworks Free allows a maximum resolution of 720p.)
4. Select what you want to upload from the Region drop down list. Choose from the Marked section, Whole sequence or Ignore leading/trailing black

5. To upload your media directly to
     a) Click the Login button. Your web browser loads the Vimeo/YouTube log in page.
     b) In your web browser, log into Vimeo/YouTube with your user name and password.
     c) Once logged in, the button changes to ‘Log out’.

6. YouTube Optional: Type any tag words you want associated with your media.
7. Click Start.
     a) The Project Card opens, displaying the progress of the export in the Tasks tab.
     b) Click on the image thumbnail to view the export task in a larger window.
     c) When the export has completed, a report displays in a Tasks Log window.

Resources and Support


If you experience an issue with your Lightworks installation, or something isn't working as expected, visit our FAQ page. If you do not find an answer to your question, you can refer to the Lightworks forum.

The Status window provides useful information for troubleshooting issues with Lightworks. You may be asked to open this when contacting the forums.