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TotalFX for
Lightworks 2023

Up to 85% discount on MSRP

TotalFX: The world-leading VFX plugin at never-seen-before prices

The complete solution for post-production with over 1500 effects across filters, chroma key, color correction, stabilizers, overlays, 3D graphics, compositing and much, much more.

Over 1500 effects and 175 plugins to bring your video to life

Lightworks have joined forces with NewBlueFX to help bring your video to life with over 1500 new and awesome special effects. Seamlessly integrated into Lightworks Pro, TotalFX is the complete post production solution.

Exclusively available for Lightworks Pro editors only.

Requires Windows 10 or macOS 10.15 and later - See NewBlue Requirements

Color Correction
Easily customise and control the colours of your footage
Add creative flair and enhance your productions with over 25 different filter effects
Fix shaky footage and make your video look like it was filmed on a steadicam.
Chroma Key Green Screen
Green screen simplified! Smart controls and built-in presets take the pain out of creating green screen scenes
Customizable Transitions
A full range of motion, light, colour and 3D transitions for every scene.
Alpha Blends
A complete suite of compositing tools to add dramatic effect to your video.
Mapping & Overlays
A set of powerful tools to help map your video to objects, layer multiple scenes and split screens.
Prime Time Lower Thirds
Customizable templates with built-in animations for dynamic lower third graphics.

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TotalFX: The world-leading VFX plugin at outrageous prices

Available for Lightworks Pro (Windows / Mac) Users Only