Lightworks 23.2 — The Social Edit

By David Winter
Sep 27, 2023
3 minute read

Lightworks Version 23.2 Has Arrived

Welcome to

The Social Edit


Welcome to the next generation of social media editing for Lightworks! We are thrilled to announce the release of Lightworks Version 23.2, AKA "The Social Edit". This version is packed with innovative new features and improvements designed to enhance your social media and video editing workflows. Best of all, you can start editing or upgrade your current version* for free right now! 


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Introducing Social Media Improvements


The YouTube export panel now sports a new look and improved functionality, providing a streamlined post-export process. Not only can you manage custom titles and description settings with greater ease, but you'll also find predefined signature options and improved tag usability. You can now better organize your YouTube channel by categorizing videos, setting their visibility, and even targeting specific audience demographics. Plus, you can assign your videos to specific playlists, making it easier for your viewers to find related content.

We've also upgraded cue markers to function as YouTube chapter markers, enhancing viewer experience and engagement. With this feature, you can divide your video content into easily navigable sections, encouraging viewers to engage more deeply with your videos.

AV1 encoding is now integrated into Lightworks, making it our top choice for faster social media uploads. AV1’s advanced compression algorithms provide high-quality exports with smaller file sizes, meaning your videos will upload faster and still look great.



ReFRESHING Effects for More Engaging Videos


Lightworks 23.2 introduces a range of effect enhancements to give your videos a more dynamic and professional feel. One of the key improvements we've made is the inclusion of a 'Blur' In/Out style option in the Title effect. With this addition, you can add a professional-looking blur transition to your titles, giving them a sleek, modern feel that captures viewers' attention.

In addition, we've made it easier to apply multiple mask shapes to a single effect. Gone are the days of needing to add multiple effects to the same clip. Now, you can streamline your workflow and create more intricate visuals with ease.

Finally, in response to user feedback, we've renamed DVE Effects to Transforms. This name change better reflects what these effects do and makes it easier for users to find the effects they need. By providing more intuitive names for our tools, we hope to make the editing process smoother and more enjoyable for all our users.



Making Imports and Exports Easier


We've simplified the file navigation process to make it easier for you to access your local storage and frequently used locations. And to provide you with a wider range of footage options, we've integrated Pexels into Lightworks, giving you free access to high-quality stock footage.

Our Pro customers will find new export options in this update, enabling them to use H.265 and AV1 compressions within an MP4 container. These new options support hardware-accelerated encoding where possible, making the export process faster and more efficient.



Unveiling a New Subtitle Panel


Exclusive to our Pro customers, the new Subtitle panel opens up new possibilities for creativity. This panel enables you to create, configure, and export subtitles, adding depth and accessibility to your videos. And when exporting to YouTube, your subtitles will also be uploaded, making it easier for a global audience to engage with your content.


Streamlining Account Creation and Licensing


In Lightworks 23.2, we've taken steps to make account creation and licensing more user-friendly. Now, you can register a new Lightworks account directly within the application. This streamlined approach saves you time and eliminates the need to navigate away from the app during the account creation process.

We've also enhanced the messaging on our licensing panels, making it easier to understand the terms and conditions of your Lightworks license. Additionally, we've made improvements to how we communicate about licensing and retrieve messages, providing a smoother, more intuitive user experience.





Lightworks 23.2 Full Feature List


Here’s a complete list of improvements and upgrades in Lightworks 2023:


Social Media Improvements


  • Improved YouTube export. This includes:
    • Better organisation
    • Custom titles
    • Description settings
    • Predefined signature options
    • Improved tag usability.
    • You can also define video attributes such as category, visibility, and target audience and assign a specific playlist for your uploads.
    • Cue Markers can now function as YouTube chapter markers.
  • AV1 encoding
  • New 'Safe Areas' option.
    • Default overlays for platforms like TikTok and Instagram are also included.
  • Portrait export is now available for all users, including Lightworks Free
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) is now supported for social targets.



Import Improvements


  • The ‘Places’ menu dropdown list has been merged under the ‘Local storage’ heading.
  • A new ‘Favourites’ category has been added to quickly access frequently used locations.
  • We’ve integrated Pexels into Lightworks, offering users free access to high-quality stock footage.



Export Improvements


  • Lightworks Pro customers can now export to H.265 and AV1 compressions within an MP4 container. 
  • AV1 and H.265 support hardware-accelerated encoding where available.
  • The export option displays the list of available encoders detected on your system.
  • The export panel has been integrated into the default EDIT tab.
  • Improved FCPX XML interchange.



Effects Improvements


  • Add multiple mask shapes to a single effect.
  • The Title effect now includes a 'Blur' In/Out style option.
  • The DVE category/effects have been renamed to Transforms



Sequence Improvements


  • For Lightworks Pro customers, the new Subtitle panel allows the creation, configuration and export of subtitles, broadening creative possibilities.
  • Subtitles will also be uploaded with YouTube exports



Licensing Improvements


  • Register a new Lightworks account directly within the application.
  • Various improvements to the licensing panels' wording, licensing, and messaging retrieval.


Upgrade to version 23.2 right now for free to unlock all of these new features!*




*If you are running a perpetual license, it needs to be version 2023 to upgrade to v23.2. If you're running version 2022 or below, you will need to upgrade to version 2023.