Short Cuts #2 . Cloud Editing: Get Footage from Your Phone to Lightworks. Fast

October 11, 2021

Cloud Editing: Get Footage from Your Phone to Lightworks. Fast

Hello and welcome to Short Cuts, the weekly show where we teach you how to do something cool or useful inside your Lightworks video editor in 2 minutes or less.

For this weeks episode we have a big question for you - how do you get the footage you shot on your phone into Lightworks? If your answer involves email, slack, WeTransfer, the use of cables, or anything like this, then we’ve got bad news for you - you are wasting a lot of time!

In this video, we’re going to show you how you can quickly and easily get your footage from your phone into Lightworks with the use of everyone’s favourite buzzword - the cloud - to do some of ours: Cloud editing!

We will record the outro to the video on a phone, and then demonstrate just how quickly we can get that into Lightworks using the built-in cloud integrations. 

Once you’ve shot your footage on your phone, to start cloud editing, simply upload it to your cloud storage of choice. With some phones and/or cloud storage providers, you can set this to happen automatically. 

Once your footage is uploaded, simply navigate to your libraries, and either click on your cloud storage or click the + symbol to link up your account.

Once you’ve clicked on your cloud storage, simply find the clip you want, click on it, and then hit the import button.

You can bring this footage into your Lightworks timeline and simply stream it, although you be will dependant on your internet connection for how well this works. On a good connection, it shouldn’t be any different to if you imported the clip. 

And that’s it! In record time you have managed to bring your footage from your phone into your Lightworks video editor. You're now cloud editing!

Please note: Lightworks cloud integration currently supports the following cloud storage providers:

- Box
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- Google Photos
- OneDrive
- PCloud

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