Lightworks 2022

By David Winter
Jun 5, 2023
2 minute read
Introducing Lightworks 2022

Lightworks 2022. For all content creators.


As the internet has developed and pro-grade technology is accessible to a wider audience, the amount of content creators has skyrocketed and also diversified. Where once before you needed an expensive camera to make content, now everyone can create amazing video with just their smartphones. Since content is no longer in the hands of large media companies, Lightworks has made its editing software accessible to everyone. This new launch offers three different plans to fit different needs for different content creators. Let’s see what the new release has to offer.

This week we introduced Lightworks 2022, our biggest release ever, with new editing tools and features that offer options for every type of content creator. 

For over a decade, Lightworks offered a free plan to get aspiring editors started and a Pro version for more skilled video pros. After 14-months of working closely with users, we have come up with a fantastic new set of features, powerful functionalities and integrations than ever before. Lightworks 2022 offers editing solutions to every content creator out there, from beginners to professionals or social media experts, to marketers, who all have the same purpose - creating engaging content.


Lightworks Free


With thousands of new and inexperienced editors registering for Lightworks Free everyday, it's importand to keep the world's first free video editing platform both simple and fun to use. Advanced features that intimidate new users have been removed and exciting creative tools have been added, including over 80 new transitions.

Previously, Lightworks Free users had a 7-day rolling licence. This has been replaced with a 3-month renewable activation period, which allows our new users to have more time navigating the software before requiring a log-in.


Lightworks Create


Lightworks Create is a brand new plan for Lightworks 2022, designed specifically for content creators, marketers, filmmakers and government and education creators offering 4K export as standard as well as in-built social publishing, users will be able to collaborate on projects and share content instantly.

In addition to that, Lightworks Create has over 800 new customisable title and motion graphic effects to help improve users content engagement. Lightworks Create gives all content creators the freedon to edit video the way they want, to create without constraint and collaborate across borders and all for less that $10.00 a month.


Lightworks Pro


Last but by no means least, Lightworks Pro, our flagship video editing product, has been improved with over 300 new essential effects to enhance and correct footage. From removing image noise and flash to fixing distortion and fine-tuning luminance, this creative post-production suite has everything video professionals need to bring their video to life.

Lightworks Pro in Lightworks 2022 now has a completely new open plugin architecture which allows users to freely integrate the video and audio plugins they love directly into their edit. Plugins built on OpenFX, VST3, AU and LADSPA frameworks such as those from NewBlueFX, BorisFX, Maxon, Waves, Sonnox and Accusonus will all be supported.