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Recapping 'Learn From The Best': A Month of Invaluable Insight

By Chris Wells
Apr 2, 2024
3 minute read

As March draws to a close, we reflect on a month filled with learning from the luminaries of film through our theme 'Learn from the Best.' Our initiative was aimed at empowering video editors by sharing insights and techniques from some of the industry's most iconic figures.

Our suite of tutorials took inspiration directly from the masters of the craft. For example we explored recreating J.J. Abrams' signature lens flares, bringing a touch of his visual style to your projects. The month also addressed the evolving landscape of digital media, highlighting the need for new editing techniques to use on platforms like YouTube and TikTok as well as AI's effect on the industry.

By analysing and breaking down the work of renowned directors and editors, we aim to unlock new levels of creativity and mastery in video editing. From the storytelling prowess of cinematic giants to the subtle art of impactful editing, our resources are designed to offer a rich learning experience.

As we move into April, we are shifting our focus towards the importance of Colour in video production. April is now 'Colour Month,' providing an opportunity for creators to explore the art and science of colour in filmmaking. We will be releasing a variety of content throughout the month that will help you better understand and utilise colour in your projects. Stay tuned for more updates!

Until then, here’s a full recap of the Learn From The Best content from across March, just in case you missed any. 


  1. Recreating J.J. Abrams' Signature Lens Flares! A Lightworks Tutorial
  2. Speed Up and Freeze Your Footage Like Thelma Schoonmaker! A Lightworks Tutorial
  3. Master Dolly Zooms Like Hitchcock and Spielberg! A Lightworks Tutorial
  4. Reframe Your Footage Like David Fincher! A Lightworks Tutorial


  1. Key Takeaways from Three Generations of Oscar-Winning Editors explored the works of Oscar-winning editors who have pushed narrative boundaries and introduced innovative techniques that have transformed visual storytelling in film and television.
  2. Rhythm and Pace: Crafting the Tempo of Film uncovers the meticulous decisions that breathe life into the narrative, ensuring that every moment on screen resonates deeply with viewers.
  3. The Evolution of Engagement: Editing for the YouTube and TikTok Generation explores how editing techniques that resonate must also evolve to keep up with the ever-changing nature of digital media.
  4. Revolutionising the Small Screen: A Journey Through Television's Editing Innovations delves into the fascinating evolution of television editing, from the high-pressure environment of live broadcasts to the sophisticated tools and techniques used in today's modern television paradigm. 
  5. From Let's Plays to Esports: The Evolution of Video Game Content Editing examines how cutting-edge techniques shape gaming content across platforms.
  6. Crafting Relatable Documentaries by Using Personal Stories explores how documentary filmmakers use personal narratives to connect with universal themes and engage audiences in a conversation that spans beyond the screen.
  7. Unleashing AI's Potential: The Future of Video Reimagined looks into AI's potential to reshape video storytelling, from some things you can do now to exciting future possibilities.
  8. Learn From The Best: A Ridley Scott Masterclass unpacks the treasure trove of insights embedded within Ridley Scott's illustrious career, offering a beacon for aspiring filmmakers and cinephiles to navigate the complex terrain of cinematic creation.
  9. 10 Must-See Movie Easter Eggs Hidden in Plain Sight dives deeper into the whimsical world of film, where directors and creators embed hidden treasures within their cinematic masterpieces, offering a thrilling hunt for the eagle-eyed viewer. 


As March's illuminating journey through the wisdom and techniques of cinema's greatest minds concludes, we're (hopefully) left inspired and enriched. 'Learn from the Best' has been a transformative expedition, empowering video editors to explore new creative horizons and refine their craft with the guidance of industry legends.

We've ventured through the nuances of lens flares, dolly zooms, and the meticulous art of editing that shapes the narratives we love. Each tutorial and blog post served as a stepping stone towards mastering the intricate dance of visual storytelling.

Looking Ahead to Next Month

Now, as we pivot to 'Colour Month,' we anticipate diving into the vibrant world of colour theory and its pivotal role in filmmaking. This April, prepare to immerse yourself in content that will not only enhance your understanding of colour but also equip you to wield it effectively in your projects. Our journey of learning and discovery continues, promising even more insights and inspiration. 

Remember, the art of video editing is an ever-evolving journey, and there is always something new to learn and explore. Keep creating with confidence after learning from the best.

We thank you for being part of our community and for joining us on this educational odyssey. Stay tuned for more exciting content, and don't hesitate to reach out with your ideas, creations, or questions. Happy editing!

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Authors Note — AI and Content Generation

In our commitment to transparency and ethical practice, we wish to disclose that artificial intelligence (AI) played a role in crafting this piece. However, it remains primarily a human endeavour, with the core content written, edited, and meticulously proofread by our team. 

AI served primarily as a tool for workshopping drafts, researching topics, and ensuring a consistent writing style. Importantly, our use of AI is designed to complement, not replace, our team's efforts. It allows us to efficiently utilise our resources, enhancing our work without compromising or diminishing the value of human skill and creativity.