Short Cuts #16: DIY User Effects

By David Winter
Jun 5, 2023
2 minute read


DIY User Effects


We've all been there. You've spent an hour crafting the perfect black white, soft focus, hard contrast flashback filter. The settings are just right, the look is perfect, and for one small, fleeting moment you know happiness.


Then you remember that there are 47 other clips that need the exact same effects and settings, and regret starts to set in. You're going to have to manually recreate the effect on those 47 clips, and it's going to take ages.

If only there was a better way.


Well, good news for you friend. There is! and that better way is DIY User Effects!


Getting set up


So, the first thing you need to do is make some effects! Do whatever ones you want, go wild with it. The important thing is to have all the effects built up that you'd like to become new DIY user effects, and all of their settings set to how you want them to be.

Once that's done, make sure you're still in the VFX tab, and then in the settings box, click the 3 dots in the top right corner. From there, choose 'create a template from segment effects', and a pop up will appear.


In this pop-up, you can name your effect, choose what VFX category to add it to, what subcategory to you want it listed under, and choose whether you want it added to your favourite effects or not. You can also give it a description, just in case you end up making loads and need a reminder of what it does.


Once that's all done, just hit save to create your effect.


Your effect will now exist inside the section you've added it to. If you selected User, then you will notice a new User tab has been added.


How to use your DIY User Effect


Functionally, the DIY User Effect works the same as every other effect. You can either drag and drop it onto the clip you want it on, or you can click on the clip first, and then double click the DIY user effect you want to apply.

You can also add a new video track, and then drag the effect down onto it. This will create an effect track where the DIY user effect appears as though it's a clip that you can extend or shrink. Any footage on a video track underneath this effects clip will be affected by the effect as though it had been applied directly to that clip.

This allows you to apply the effect to multiple clips at once quickly and easily.

DIY user effect on an effects track in Lightworks


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