Applies to 2022.3 onwards


A subclip is a smaller section of a Clip which is useful for breaking up very long Clips into shorter more defined sections. They can be used exactly the same as a Clip and can be assigned their own metadata. A subclip is just a reference file to the original clip with a different start and end point. No new media is generated when creating a subclip.


Load a clip and mark the section you want to use for your subclip.


Do one of the following:

  • Right-click inside the viewer and, from the menu that opens, select Make > Subclip.
  • Click the Add Subclip button on the viewer (Log tab only).
  • Create and use a keyboard shortcut for ‘Making a Subclip’.

The subclip is added to the Content Manager. Subclips are identified by a blue flag in the top left corner of tiles, thumbnails, and viewers.

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